Gender Inclusive Facilities

Listing of Gender-Inclusive Facilities

What is a gender-inclusive facility?

A gender Inclusive facility is a facility, including but not limited to restrooms, showers, locker rooms, and changing rooms, usable by persons of all gender identities and expressions and that is not gender specific. A facility shall provide privacy and security for the individual user. Gender-inclusive facilities shall include spaces and fixtures equivalent to gender-specific facilities. Historically these are designated as Male & Female or Men & Women.

What is the purpose?

Many people may experience difficulty, inconvenience, or harassment when using gender-specific restrooms and facilities. Gender inclusion should provide access and equality by creating an environment that is accessible and respectful of all individuals. Therefore, the purpose of having gender-inclusive facilities (GIF) is to create an inclusive environment that is safe, accessible, and convenient.

Target: Goal

The goal is that no individual would need to leave their current building to locate a restroom, shower, or changing facility. In accordance with the university nondiscrimination policy, GIF hopes to follow the guidelines that seek to create an inclusive campus environment and create an inclusive campus environment in accordance with the university nondiscrimination policy.

Where do I find a gender-inclusive facility?

The Irvine campus has gender-inclusive restrooms (GIRRs) available throughout the campus and medical center. All single-user restrooms on campus have been designated gender-inclusive restrooms.  In addition, a few multi-user restrooms have been converted to GIRRs. All new buildings with public restrooms also include GIRRs. The GIF Work Group is working with units on campus to add additional gender-inclusive restrooms in older buildings on campus. You can find GIRR locations on the campus interactive map or on the Gender Inclusive Restrooms list, which includes locations at the UCI Medical Center.