UCI Forensic Exam Site

Forensic Exam Information and Options

A forensic exam is a medical examination that focuses on evidence collection from a sexual assault or domestic abuse. Those choosing to complete a forensic exam work with a Forensic Nurse as they collect evidence. It is best to collect most evidence within a 5-day window of an assault. Forensic Nurses are trained to respond to sexual assault and domestic abuse cases, and they utilize trauma informed practices. Please note that Forensic Nurses are mandated reporters. 

You have the right to have a Victim Advocate present

You have the right to have a Victim Advocate present at any time throughout the process – during the exam and interviews with nurses or law enforcement personnel. The Advocate is available to:

  • Support, educate and inform you throughout the forensic exam process,
  • Educate you on all of your available options, and
  • Link you with resources for further counseling or any other support that you may need.

Any questions or concerns can be answered by a UCI CARE Victim Advocate (949) 824-7273 or
a 24 hour hotline responder from Waymakers at 949-831-9110.

UCI Forensic Exam Site

The forensic exam site at UCI provides a safe, confidential, and private space for affiliates of UCI to access forensic exams (for both sexual assault and domestic abuse) locally. Utilizing a forensic exam is for evidence collection, option preservation, and health care. The services provided are at no cost to survivors and are coordinated through already existing county protocols and relationships. 

Forensic examination is independent of your decision to open an investigation with police or OEOD. Even if you do not want an investigation, you may still be able to have evidence collected. If you are unsure whether you want to open an investigation, you can request a VAWA/Abbreviated Forensic Exam (see information below) right away to keep your options open. The Forensic Nurses make the determination as to the applicability of an exam. 

Orange County Forensic Exam Site

Alternatively, you may request to receive a forensic exam at the Orange County forensic exam site by Forensic Nurses. UCI non-affiliates will be directed to the Orange County forensic exam site.

To request a forensic exam or learn more, you may contact:

  • UCI CARE to speak with an Advocate at (949) 824-7273
  • Waymakers at (949) 831-9110
  • UCI Police at 911 or the non-emergency line (949) 824-5223

Types of Forensic Exams

Full Forensic Exam (police involvement)

VAWA Forensic Exam (police involvement optional)