APM Affirmative Action References

Section 1

Leave Site QuicklyEffective July 1, 2005, the following sections of the Academic Personnel Manual were revised to include references to affirmative action and diversity in consideration of academic personnel actions and job responsibilities.  To access the full content of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM), go to https://www.ucop.edu/academic-personnel-programs/academic-personnel-policy/ .

APM - 210-1-d 
Instructions to Review Committees That Advise on Actions Concerning Appointees in the Professor and Corresponding Series

Provides that teaching, research, and service that promote diversity and equal opportunity are to be encouraged and given recognition in the evaluation of the candidate's qualifications.
APM - 240 
Deans and Provosts

Provides that Deans and Provosts are responsible for an affirmative action program consistent with University policies
APM - 245
(Appendix A) Department Chairs

Provides that the Chair is responsible for maintaining a climate hospitable to diversity and for maintaining a department affirmative action program.

APM 210 – 1-d – Criteria for Appointment, Promotion, and Appraisal

The University of California is committed to excellence and equity in every facet of its mission. Contributions in all areas of faculty achievement that promote equal opportunity and diversity should be given due recognition in the academic personnel process, and they should be evaluated and credited in the same way as other faculty achievements. These contributions to diversity and equal opportunity can take a variety of forms including
efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service that addresses the needs of California’s diverse population, or research in a scholar’s area of expertise that highlights inequalities. Mentoring and advising of students and faculty members, particularly from underrepresented and underserved populations, should be given due recognition in the teaching or service categories of the academic personnel process.

APM 240 – Deans & Provosts – Definition (240-4a)

An academic Dean is head of a Division, College, School, or other similar academic unit and has administrative responsibility for that unit. This assignment includes fiscal responsibility for the unit; responsibility for ensuring diversity of the faculty, students, and staff, including maintaining an affirmative action recruitment and retention program consistent with University affirmative action policies, Regental policy, and applicable law; and responsibility for ensuring that systemwide and local policies, including Academic Senate regulations, are observed.

AMP 245 (Appendix A) – Duties of Department Chairs

As leader of the department, the chair has the following duties: 

2. The appointee is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of both the faculty and the staff personnel of the department. In consultation with colleagues, the chair recommends appointments, promotions, merit advances, and terminations. The appointee is responsible for maintaining a departmental affirmative action program for faculty and staff personnel, consistent with University affirmative action goals.  The appointee is expected to make sure that faculty members are aware of the criteria prescribed for appointment and advancement, and to make appraisals and recommendations in accordance with the procedures and principles stated in the President's Instructions to Appointment and Promotion Committees. 

The chair's administrative duties include the following (special assignments may be added from time to time, and the Chancellor or Dean may specify additional duties): 

12. To report annually on the department’s affirmative action program, including a description of good faith efforts undertaken to ensure equal opportunity in appointment, promotion, and merit activities, as well as a report on affirmative action goals and results in accordance with campus policy.