UCI Diversity Affinity Groups

Section 1

Faculty and staff diversity affinity groups foster cross-departmental social interaction, professional networking, cultural competencies, recruiting and mentoring.  Diversity affinity groups also offer the UCI community at large an opportunity to consult with group members as an information resource.

The following is a list of faculty and staff diversity affinity groups at UCI:

    • Asian American and Pacific Islander Staff Association
      Contact: Daniel Park, danielkp@uci.edu
      Mission: To raise awareness of the unique opportunities and challenges facing Asian American and Pacific Islander students, faculty, and staff; sponsor cultural events and professional development activities; promote opportunities for community engagement; and administer student scholarships. 

    • Black Faculty and Staff Association 
      Contacts: Gerald Parham,
      gparham@uci.edu; Romain Fravien, rfravien@uci.edu
      Mission: To promote a sense of kinship for BFSA members and the Black community at the University of California, Irvine. 

    • Chicano/Latino Staff Association
      Contacts: Adeli Duron, aduron@uci.edu; Michelle Foley,
      Mission: To create a network and to work with administration on issues relating to the Chicano/Latino community at UCI.

    • Iranian-American Faculty/Staff Association at UCI
      Contact: Rameen Talesh, rtalesh@uci.edu; Neda Moayedi,nedam@uci.edu
      Mission: To build an atmosphere of positive engagement and promote a sense of community for Iranian-American faculty and staff at UCI. 

    • Native American Faculty and Staff Association
      Contact: VACANT - Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, oeod@uci.edu
      Mission: To grow a resilient and engaged critical mass of American Indian tribal member faculty and staff able to provide guidance and support to Indigenous students and their cultural communities.

    • Staff and Faculty Pride Collective (formerly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Staff and Faculty Network) 
      Contact: Deejay Brown, deejay.brown@uci.edu
      Mission: To address LGBT concerns on campus and to organize activities to meet the needs of UCI’s LGBT faculty and staff. 

    • Faculty and Staff Veterans
      Contact:Donald Blake, drblake@uci.edu; Tomas Figueroa, tfiguero@uci.edu
      Mission: To support the recruitment, retention, and networking of veterans in the UCI workforce.

    • Academic & Professional Women of UC Irvine 
      Contact: Tanya Zabalegui, tanyaz@uci.edu; Alyssa Sanchez, alyssa.sanchez@uci.edu
      Mission: To develop awareness by faculty, staff and other campus constituencies of the contributions of women to the mission of UCI; To provide activities and to support other campus constituencies that contribute to the advancement of women at UCI; To serve as a networking and communications channel among women employees at UCI; To serve as an enabling body for women to input collectively to the decision-making process on campus and community issues affecting women at UCI.
    • Women in Technology, Irvine (WITI)
      Contact: Shohreh Bozorgmerhi, shohreh@uci.edu
      Mission: To create a supportive community that recognizes gender imbalances, and to bring awareness to challenges surrounding Women with careers in Technology by connecting, empowering, and developing together. Open to faculty and staff. All genders welcomed.

Faculty and staff interested in joining any of the groups above are encouraged to email the contact(s) for the organization directly. Faculty and staff interested in forming a new diversity affinity group are encouraged to contact Gwendolyn Black at (949) 824-5594 or gwen.black@uci.edu.  To subscribe to the Diversity-Affinity-Groups mail list and learn about events and opportunities for all of the above groups, click here.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity is available to support faculty and staff diversity affinity groups* that are registered as campus organizations at UCI. Diversity affinity groups are independent campus organizations that may or may not choose to affiliate with OEOD. Faculty and staff diversity affinity groups are eligible for limited administrative and financial support, including listing on the OEOD website.

* Students interested in joining or forming a diversity-related affinity group are encouraged to contact Campus Organizations (www.campusorgs.uci.edu) at campusorgs@uci.edu or (949) 824-5181.