Staff: Parenting & Pregnancy at UCI

Parenting & Pregnancy at UCI

Contact Information

Contact Information

Wendy Pawling, Disability Management Consultant:

Wendy Pawling is UCI's Disability Management Consultant in Human Resources and can provide information to help you with your pregnancy or parenting journey. She provides reasonable accommodation and return-to-work services to all UCI active campus employees with work and non-work incurred injuries or illnesses, conducts Transitional Return to Work Workshops regarding interpretation of UC policies and procedures and/or contracts and advises on compliance with federal and state laws, as well as development of Return to Work plans including Reasonable Accommodation Agreements, and reviews medical separation requests

Leaves & Workers' Compensation Consultants:

Handle all Workers' Compensation, Disability Claims, and Leaves by appropriate coordinating point/department. Act as a liaison between campus and medical providers, Sedgwick CMS (Workers' Compensation claims administrator), Disability Management Consultant (Wendy Pawling), and Lincoln Financial (Disability Management claims administrator).

  • Ozge Can, Benefits and Leaves Consultant, (949) 824-2565
    • Coordinating Points: Health Sciences (School of Medicine)
  • Charlene Dodd, Leaves and Workers' Compensation Consultant, (949) 824-7008
    • Coordinating Points: Chancellor, Office of Research, Student Affairs, and University Advancement
  • Melissa Moffat, Leaves and Workers' Compensation Consultant, (949) 824-9746
    • Coordinating Points: Academic Affairs and Division of Finance and Administration (DFA)

Campus Social Worker:

The office of the Campus Social Worker provides services that are available to the entire UCI community at no cost. Some of these services include private support for individual students, staff, or faculty during a medical, physical, familial and/or emotional crisis. Only students that are referred to the campus social worker by either a staff or faculty can be accommodated at this time.

Lactation Stations

Lactation Stations are quiet, comfortable, secure rooms where moms can breastfeed or pump for their child. UCI currently has several lactation stations on campus and at the medical center. Listed below are several of the locations; additional locations are listed on the UCI Wellness lactation website

Lactation Rooms at the UCI Campus:

  • Student Wellness & Health Promotion, Student Center - Room G319
    • The space is available on a first come, first served basis, with a 30 minute time allotment.
    • Open from 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
    • Please contact Student Wellness & Health Promotion at 949-824-9355 or studentwellness@uci.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Biological Sciences II, McGaugh Hall - Room 1301
    • Room key available by checkout.
    • Point of contact: Christine Panelli, Director of BioSci Facilities
      949-824-8284, biosci-facilities@uci.edu

  • School of Social Ecology, Social Ecology I - Room 261
    • Open from 7am - 11pm, Monday - Friday
    • Email Rick Orth (rorth@uci.edu) or visit the Social Ecology Student Service Office to request a key code

  • UCI Childcare Services, Infant and Toddler Center, 533 California Ave
    • This room is for Child Care employees and parents only.

  • UCI Law School, 401 E. Peltason Drive, Suite 1000
    • This room is for Law School employees and Law School students only.
    • New mothers may reserve the private lactation room. Please make arrangements through the Director of Student Life.

Lactation Rooms at the Medical Center:

  • UCI Medical Center
    • A private room for pumping milk is available to residents and students
    • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • The key is at the desk in the main lobby until 9:30 p.m. when the desk closes. The key is given to the security desk at that time so that is it accessible during the night. We do ask that the key be signed out so that we can track the room's usage, and to keep people from using the room to take breaks or sleep.
    • Please contact the Health Education Department at 714-456-8433 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the room or the process.

For more information about Lactation Stations, visit the UCI Student Wellness & Health Promotion page or view the UCI Lactation Accommodations Guidelines.

Ring Road Rides

SectioTo help students travel across campus, UC Irvine offers personalized site to site transportation between pre-defined campus locations under the Campus Accessibility, Rides, and Transportation (CART) Module called Ring Road Rides (RRR).

To help staff travel across campus, UC Irvine offers personalized site to site transportation between pre-defined campus locations under the Campus Accessibility, Rides, and Transportation (CART) Module called Ring Road Rides (RRR).

Riders eligible for this accommodation include students, faculty, and staff with qualifying permanent or temporary disabilities, e.g. broken legs, sprained ankles, manual wheelchairs, etc. There is no cost to the rider for this service, but pre-registration is required and there is a limit to the number of carts and drivers available. For more information, visit the Ring Road Rides page.


Staff who need a Temporary Disability Placard should apply for one through their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A placard is valid for up to 180 days (six months) or the time noted by your licensed medical professional on the application. Please note you must meet the criteria set by the DMV in order to receive one.

For frequently asked questions about applying for a Temporary Disability Placard or information on how to fill out an application, visit the California DMV website: CA DMV Brochure.