Frequently Asked Questions about OEOD

Questions about the Complaint Process:

Q: I have a complaint of discrimination against a faculty member. Can I come to OEOD or should I go to the Academic Senate?

OEOD can help you. We are a neutral party entity serving faculty, staff and students. We do not take sides, rather, we answer and address any questions, concerns and complaints regarding the matter at hand. Both the complainant and respondent (accused) can come to us for assistance and/or clarification regarding their rights and university policies and procedures.

Q: What can your office do to prevent any form of discrimination, harassment or sex offense from happening again? What do you do to the "guilty" party to ensure that similar behaviors will not take place again?

We ensure that all parties are treated fairly and equitably. We do not decide the "punishment" or settlement; we simply provide fair and neutral fact finding during the process to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and equitably. We investigate all formal complaints of discrimination, harassment, or sex offense brought to our office. In addition, we direct our findings to appropriate university personnel so that they may take appropriate measures to redress and safeguard the impacted individual(s) and/or workplace or campus living environment. We conduct training of faculty, staff and students to ensure a clear understanding of federal and state laws and university policies and procedures. 

Questions about OEOD's Training and Diversity Programs:

Q: Other than dealing with formal complaints of discrimination and harassment, what other services does your office provide? 

We sponsor many training programs and workshops on the general campus, at UCI Medical Center and the School of Medicine.

Questions about the Americans With Disabilities Act:

Q: What can your office provide in terms of information, assistance or services for individuals with disabilities?

OEOD is responsible for campus compliance with University policies and procedures, state and federal laws, guidelines and regulations concerning accommodations for individuals with disabilities. OEOD works in tandem with other disability accommodation resources at UCI (i.e., Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, Parking and Transportation, and Disability Services Center) to help individuals with disabilities optimize their experiences on the general campus and at the medical center. In addition, OEOD undertakes investigations regarding violations of university policies and procedures, state and federal laws regarding ADA compliance and the university's obligation to quickly assess and respond to any and all accommodation needs. 

Questions about Harassment:

Q: I feel that I am being harassed at my workplace. What kind of assistance can I get from OEOD without being retaliated against?

For OEOD to be most effective in these matters, it is vital that the concern be brought to our attention. It may also be helpful to file a formal complaint, depending on the circumstances. Should an act of retaliation occur, it will be dealt with immediately by appropriate university officials, in conjunction with university policies and procedures and civil laws governing such action. 

Q: I believe that I am being unfairly accused of harassment. Is OEOD willing to help me? Is OEOD first and foremost an advocate for the complainant?

OEOD does not advocate for any party. Our commitment is to ensure fair and equal treatment of all involved parties during the complaint process. All attempts will be made to keep matters confidential. In some instances, depending on the facts and grievances presented to us, we may suggest mediation or refer you to appropriate service departments for informal complaint resolution.