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As a federal contractor, UCI must take affirmative action to promote the full realization of equal opportunity for women, minorities, covered veterans and individuals with disabilities, and to have a written affirmative action plan. 

Underutilization statistics are included in the annual Affirmative Action Plan. Underutilization is identified when a job group’s actual workforce representation is less than the estimated availability, by at least one whole person.  This analysis is conducted for active career staff and academic staff, excluding student titles, temporary lecturers, and postdoctoral scholars.

For any area where underutilization has been identified, a placement goal is set equal to the expected availability percentage.  Availability is calculated based on the job areas represented at UCI in the reasonable recruitment area.  The reasonable recruitment area differs from the local county to the national level based on career staff job groups.  Availability for all academic positions is based on national statistics.

Statistical Highlights
In 2008-2009, of the 27 career staff job groups, women were identified as underutilized in 14 job groups and minorities as a whole in seven. A more detailed analysis by ethnicity shows the following:
See Appendix C (available in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity during regular business hours) for detailed career staff areas of underutilization and placement goals.

In 2008-2009 women, African American, and American Indian/Alaskan Native faculty were underutilized overall in the tenured ranks at UC Irvine. African American faculty were underutilized at the tenure-track level as well. When reviewing the statistics at the school level, women were underutilized in eight of the 12 academic divisions1 at the tenured level and in two academic divisions at the tenure-track level. In addition, underutilization by race/ethnicity was identified in several units.
Underutilization was also identified for women and minorities in non-regular-rank academic job groups. See Appendix D (available in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity during regular business hours) for detailed academic areas of underutilization and placement goals.
Affirmative Action Programs
The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity supported UCI’s good faith efforts to ensure equal opportunity in employment by taking the following affirmative actions:
  • Contracted with Inside Higher Ed for unlimited job postings to its website and automatic posting of all academic recruitments to 
  • Uploaded all academic recruitments to the website on a weekly basis. 
  • Provided consultation on recruitment and search activities related to EEO/AA efforts to search committees, school and department personnel officers, ADVANCE equity advisors, supervisors, and hiring managers.
  • Conducted trainings on recruitment and search activities related to EEO/AA efforts through the UCI Effective Supervision Certificate Program.
  • Posted availability statistics for academic and staff job groups on the web.
  • Provided detailed availability and utilization data to Academic Senate committees as requested.
1 Due to small numbers in the programs in the College of Health Sciences, faculty in the School of Medicine and the CHS programs were combined into one academic unit.  The Department of Education is included as its own academic unit.
2 American Indians/Alaskan Natives were not identified as underutilized within any of the academic units.

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