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Page II: OEOD 2007-2008 HIGHLIGHTS

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The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity had a productive year, including the following highlights:

AB 1825 Compliance
AB 1825 ComplianceThroughout the 2007-2008 academic year, OEOD conducted more than thirty instructor-led AB1825-compliant sexual harassment prevention workshops for supervisors. AB1825 is a California law that requires that all supervisors have two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years.  All staff supervisors and all academic appointees (excluding postdoctoral scholars and student academic appointees) must comply with this requirement.  More than 3300 supervisors and faculty members attended OEOD’s workshops or completed the UC system on-line training during this academic year.  This 95% completion rate is among the highest in the UC system.

Life Theatre Training
Life Theatre TrainingLife Theatre Services brought AB1825-compliant sexual harassment prevention alive and on stage with three performances at UCI. More than 250 UCI faculty and staff attended the interactive performances in October and December 2007.  The performance involved four actors who explained UC sexual harassment policies and dramatized the workplace interactions of three professors. As the scene played out, the actors revealed the multilayered issues that can arise from sexual harassment and how those dynamics affect the work environment. The interactive performances allowed the audience to participate and voice their opinions about the scenarios and how sexual harassment can be prevented.

10th Annual Diversity Development Program Graduation
10th Annual Diversity Development Program Graduation
On May 28, OEOD held its 10th annual Diversity Development Program graduation ceremony for the class of 2008 at the Palo Verde Clubhouse. The theme of this year’s graduation was Diversity Rocks, and participants included a cross-section of UCI staff, supervisors and faculty. Chancellor Michael V. Drake recognized the 34 program participants and presented them with graduation certificates. Since its start in 1999, more than 300 participants have completed the five-month program, exploring topics such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability.

Awareness Arrives on Tabletops
Awareness Arrives on Tabletops
OEOD designed colorful tabletop information cards to raise awareness about sexual harassment in November 2007.  Several hundred were distributed throughout campus dining halls as a reminder that OEOD staff are available to offer assistance regarding discrimination, sexual harassment and conflicts of interest from consensual relations.  The table tents encouraged students, staff and faculty to contact OEOD with questions or concerns.  OEOD appreciates the assistance and collaboration provided by UCI’s Hospitality and Dining Services in distributing the table tents on campus.

Radio Interview
In January 2008, Kirsten Quanbeck, Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and the OEOD Director, was invited to speak on the KUCI radio show, Justice or Just Us? Some of the questions that were answered during the Radio Interviewinterview include: How does sexual harassment manifest in an educational setting?  Between which parties? How does one teach sexual harassment awareness? Many professionals meet their spouses in the workplace, but aren’t workplace romances off-limits? To hear the entire interview, go to:

UCI Police Department Receives Racial Profiling Training  
UCI Police Department Receives Racial Profiling Training  In December 2007, OEOD partnered with the UCI Police Department to provide its officers a racial profiling workshop. The class provided an opportunity for the Department’s officers to enhance their knowledge about this subject and stay current with the Peace Officer Standard and Training (POST) requirements. Additionally, the session increased awareness regarding various ethnic, cultural and religious groups that encompass UCI’s campus community. Training segments included the definition of racial profiling, legal considerations, a history of civil rights, the impact of racial profiling, the difference between criminal and racial profiling, and what law enforcement needs to know about issues related to Islam and Muslims.

Employee Development Grant
OEOD administers an employee development grant. In 2007-2008 a portion of the grant funding was used for Staff Development Scholarships; another portion was utilized for Faculty Development Awards. During the 2007-2008 academic year, a total of 74 Staff Development Scholarships of up to $500 each were awarded.  Offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, the scholarships assist career staff in developing knowledge and skills to enhance their current positions and potential for career advancement.

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