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Page VI: Employee Development Block Grant

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Since 1978, the UC Office of the President has provided an Employee Development Block Grant to each campus to promote the dual objectives of employee development and affirmative action.  The OEOD manages the grant at UCI, dividing the funds between the Staff Development Scholarship administered by OEOD, the Faculty Career Development Awards administered by Academic Affairs, and outreach efforts.

A total of 119 Staff Development Scholarships were awarded.  Staff Development Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

During 2006-2007, the Employee Development Block Grant partially subsidized the Management Skills Assessment Program registration fee for 18 campus and five medical center staff.

A portion of the Employee Development Block Grant was also used for Faculty Career Development Awards.  These were provided to
  • Academic Appointees who are not regular ranks faculty to further their scholarly achievement and were used for research assistance and/or to fund professional conferences
  • Tenure-Track Faculty to support opportunities to enhance research and scholarship in preparation for the tenure review

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