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Training programs are a proactive and preventative instrument used to assist the university’s compliance with sexual harassment and discrimination prevention laws and policies. They also serve as a tool in response to discrimination and harassment complaints. OEOD education programs focus on an array of issues affecting the environment of the university, including sexual harassment, diversity, discrimination, cultural awareness and affirmative action.

OEOD continued to provide instructor-led and online courses to satisfy the requirements of AB1825, the California law mandating sexual harassment prevention education for all supervisors, including all academic appointees except postdoctoral scholars and student academic appointments.

In addition, OEOD continued to use the vendor New Media Learning for online training of non-supervisory employees and students.   A total of 306 individuals completed the New Media Learning online sexual harassment prevention training. 
OEOD conducted 22 sexual harassment/discrimination prevention programs, reaching an audience of more than 650 throughout the campus and the medical center.  The chart below shows the percentage of faculty, staff and students who attended in-person sexual harassment prevention programs.

Specific programs are listed in Appendix B.

The table and chart below illustrate the status of compliance to California law AB1825 as of June 30, 2007. 
The new AB1825 rollout, managed by UC Office of the President, occurs in September 2007.

Thirty–five diversity-related programs were provided to the campus and the medical center in 2006-2007.  The OEOD also coordinated several major events and series, including

  • Diversity in Medicine – a 10-week course that provided insight on administering healthcare to culturally diverse patients.  Seventy attended this program, which is open to staff, students, and community members.
  • Diversity Development Program – 29 staff and faculty from the campus and medical center were selected to participate in this five-month program where they explored diversity-related issues with featured speakers.
  • Religious Diversity Forum – sponsored by OEOD and held at California State University Fullerton this year because of the Student Center construction occurring on the UCI campus.  Approximately 180 were in attendance at this event.

The following two charts indicate the distribution of diversity-related programs by coordinating point and by type of audience.

Various = combination of schools/coordinating units
Other = persons from outside the university, volunteer

Other educational opportunities provided by OEOD included:
  • Calming the Storm: the Aftermath of the Virginia Tech Incident – a panel discussion on the implications of the Virginia Tech incident.
  • Faculty Applicant Survey Tracking (FAST) – three sessions about the academic search process and the FAST tool as they relate to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.
  • Affirmative Action Update – a presentation of what is new in affirmative action to Systemwide UC Employment Managers.
  • Business Officers Institute (BOI) – a session on sexual harassment, discrimination and the workings of OEOD.
  • OEOD Overview – a presentation on what OEOD is and does.

In addition, OEOD provided outreach in presentations to groups and organizations in the greater community, such as:
  • Santa Monica College
  • California Caucus of College and University Ombuds

Specific programs are listed in Appendix C.  

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