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As a federal contractor, UCI must take affirmative action to promote the full realization of equal opportunity for women and minorities, and to have a written affirmative action plan. 

Underutilization statistics are included in the annual Affirmative Action Plan. Underutilization is defined as having fewer minorities or women in a particular job group than would reasonably be expected by their availability.  This analysis is conducted for active career staff and academic staff excluding student titles, temporary lecturers, and postgraduate researchers. 

In 2004-05, women were identified as underutilized in 11 of the 27 career staff job groups and nine of the 11 academic divisions.  Minorities as a whole were underrepresented in eight career staff job groups and two of the academic divisions, and one campuswide academic job group.  A more detailed analysis by ethnicity shows the following:

  • African Americans were underutilized in 13 career staff job groups, seven of the academic divisions, and two campuswide academic job groups. 
  • Hispanics were underutilized in fifteen career staff job groups, four of the academic divisions, and one campuswide academic job group.
  • Asians/Pacific Islanders were underutilized in four career staff job groups, two of the academic divisions, and one campuswide academic job group.
  • American Indians/Alaskan Natives were underutilized in four career staff job groups.    

For any area where underutilization has been identified, a minimum required placement goal is set equal to the expected availability percentage.  Availability is calculated based on the job areas represented at UCI in the reasonable recruitment area.  The reasonable recruitment area differs based on career staff job groups from the local county to the national level.  Availability for all academic positions is based on national statistics. 

Academic Units   Career Staff Job Groups
Claire Trevor School of the Arts   A1 Executives
School of Biological Sciences   AA Management
The Paul Merage School of Business   AB Other Officials and Managers
Department of Education   AZ Unclassified A
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering   BA Student Services
School of Humanities   BB Communications, Arts, and Graphics
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences   BC Engineering and Allied Services
School of Medicine   BD Fiscal, Management, and Staff Services
School of Physical Sciences   BE Nursing Services
School of Social Ecology   BF Social and Therapeutic Services
School of Social Sciences   BG Clinical Lab Technologists
    BH Health Practitioners
Academic Job Groups   BI Science, Lab, and Allied Services
Tenured Faculty   CA Health Technicians
Tenure-Track Faculty   CB Engineering and Science Technicians
Lecturers SOE/PSOE   CC Other Technicians
Lecturers-Continuing   DA Clerical/Administrative
Other Teaching Faculty   DB Library Assistants
Researchers   DC Mail, Stores Services
    DD Communications, Machine Operative Services
Campuswide Academic Job Groups   EA Operations and Maintenance
Academic Administrators   EC Vehicle Maintenance
Librarians   FA Operatives
Researchers (ORU/IRU)   GA Laborers
University Extension   HA Food Service Workers
Academic Titles, not elsewhere classified   HB Cleaning Service Workers
    HC Protective Service Workers
    HD Health Service Workers

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