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Update and Implementation of Policies
UC Sexual Harassment Policy
UCI Policy on Conflict of Interest Created By Consensual Relations
UCI Guidelines for Sexual Harassment Complaint Resolution

Effective December 14, 2004, the University of California has revised the University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment and the associated Procedures for Responding to Reports of Sexual Harassment.  This system-wide policy supersedes the UCI Policy on Sexual Harassment.  The system-wide policy and procedures cover all members of the University community, including faculty and other academic personnel, staff employees, students, and non-student or non-employee participants in University programs.

Revisions to the policy include an updated definition of sexual harassment, clarification of the University’s obligation to respond promptly and effectively to reports of sexual harassment, provisions for training employees and educating the University community regarding sexual harassment, and a statement that the policy shall be implemented in a manner that recognizes principles of free speech and academic freedom.

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity developed local guidelines to implement the system-wide procedures.  The consensual relations policy, which previously was part of the UCI Policy on Sexual Harassment, was redrafted as a stand-alone policy. 

Faculty Code of Conduct – Consensual Relations with Students
The Academic Senate added new sections to the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) this year.  APM 015, Part II, Section A now sets forth ethical principles and unacceptable conduct with regard to faculty and their students.   The revised policy prohibits a faculty member from entering into a romantic or sexual relationship with any student for whom that faculty currently has or prospectively might have academic responsibility (as defined in the policy).  The policy also prohibits a faculty member from exercising academic responsibility for any student with whom that faculty member has a romantic or sexual relationship.  

Diversity Outreach
OEOD supported and promoted diversity programming and planning across the UCI community,  partnering with a variety of organizations to provide consultation, funding, publicity and staffing for endeavors such as:

  • Black Leadership & Advancement Coalition: "Night of the Stars . . . A Dynasty in the Making” program.
  • Small Business Program: Business Opportunity Day SPOTLITE 2005.
  • Religious Diversity Forum 2004
  • Disability Awareness Week: Michael Hingson, with his guide dog, Roselle, talked about teamwork and surviving the World Trade Center attacks.  
  • Orange County Human Relations Commission Shades of Hate: A Hate Crime Series.
  • Conflict Escalation Prevention Team (CEPT) Course with the Ombudsman Office and the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Sexual Harassment Advisors Update
The OEOD refreshed the Sexual Harassment Advisors program this year, welcoming new advisors and ensuring that all advisors are up-to-date.  Advisors were provided with an overview of sexual harassment law and policy and detailed information regarding the requirements of the new state law AB1825 requiring two hours of sexual harassment training for all supervisors and academic appointees.

The OEOD website was re-designed and updated to include a language translation tool, diversity-related calendar of events, printable availability data tables, and the OEOD E-newsletter.
In Winter 2005, the OEOD E-News made its inaugural appearance via the OEOD website. The quarterly E-News contains news and information regarding discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, and diversity.

OEOD developed an employment advertising campaign that targeted diversity-related publications and posted general UCI recruitment ads in the following publications:

  • Black Issues in Higher Education
  • Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education
  • Women in Higher Education
  • Winds of Change
  • Affirmative Action Register

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