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Page IV: Training and Educational Programs

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Training programs are a proactive and preventative component used to assist the university's compliance with sexual harassment and discrimination prevention laws and policies. They also serve as a tool in response to discrimination and harassment complaints. OEOD training programs focus on an array of issues affecting the environment of the university: sexual harassment, diversity, discrimination, cultural awareness and affirmative action.

During 2003-2004, the OEOD conducted 43 sexual harassment/discrimination prevention programs, reaching an audience of more than 1600 throughout the campus and the medical center. Specific programs are indicated in the chart in Appendix B.

The Student Affairs unit received the largest number of presentations. The charts on this page illustrate the distribution of sexual harassment/discrimination prevention trainings provided by coordinating unit and type of audience. It is recommended that departments receive sexual harassment training at least once every two years.

In addition to the workshops and programs presented by OEOD staff, an online Sexual Harassment Prevention program is available through the OEOD website. A total of 256 individuals completed on-line training.

Thirty-two diversity-related trainings were provided to the campus and the medical center in 2003-2004. (See Appendix C.) The OEOD also coordinated several major events and series, including the Diversity in Medicine course, the Diversity Development Program, and the Religious Diversity Forum. The following two charts indicate the distribution of diversity-related programs by coordinating point and by type of audience.

In addition to the above UCI-related diversity trainings, OEOD continues to build bridges with a number of groups and organizations in the greater community. Presentations and/or participation included:
  • Educating the Community/Asian Diversity for the Orange County NAACP
  • Workplace Culture of Today for the Los Angeles Unified School District Conference
  • Asian Student Diversity for the National Association for Education and Advancement of Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese Americans
  • Asian Americans on US Campuses for the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA)
  • Building an Inclusive Community for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • Conflict Across Cultures for the Mediation Program at UCLA.
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