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Diversity Outreach

OEOD continues to support and promote diversity programming and planning across campus. To that end, we partnered with a variety of organizations to provide funding, publicity and staffing for endeavors such as:
  • Academic & Professional Women: Second Annual Women's Conference.
  • Black Leadership & Advancement Coalition: Night of the Stars . . . A Tribute to Leadership and Achievement program.
  • Center for Women & Men: Speaker and media expert Jennifer Pozner "Condoleezza Rice is a Size Six . . . and Other Things I Learned From the News."
  • Cross-Cultural Center: Book-a-Faire featuring author Helena M. Viramontes.
  • LGBT Resource Center : "Understanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Campus Issues" Workshop.
  • Small Business Program: Business Opportunity Day SPOTLITE 2004.
Conflict Escalation Prevention Team
OEOD, in collaboration with the Dean of Students Judicial Affairs Office and the Ombudsman Office developed the Conflict Escalation Prevention Team (CEPT), a university affairs course designed to assist student groups in conflict resolution from a peer perspective.

Sexual Harassment Advisors Update
This annual meeting included an overview and update of policy, news regarding UC's pending sexual harassment policy and consensual relationship policy, and case study exercises.

New Presentations
In addition to the established Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity programs, the OEOD team created several new presentations:
  • PC: Moving from Politically Correct to Positive Culture
  • Committed to Excellence through Diversity
  • Appropriate & Inappropriate Interview Questions: Beware & Be Aware
  • Diversity: A Tale of Two Animals
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
We updated our website, adding several new features, including:
  • Calendar of diversity-related events at UCI
  • Listing of diversity-related conferences
Exit Interviews
While managing the staff and academic exit interviews during this fiscal year, OEOD met with Human Resources to review, research and improve the exit interview procedure for staff. The staff exit interviews have been transitioned to Human Resources, with a new third-party web-based process scheduled to begin Fall 2004. In addition, OEOD, Academic Personnel, and ADVANCE piloted a new exit interview process for regular-rank faculty. OEOD continues to administer the existing academic exit interview process during this pilot phase.

Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
A new resource for posting UCI job openings was developed this year by a consortium of higher education institutions in Southern California . The Southern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (SoCal HERC) hosts an online job posting site for member institutions. SoCal HERC is being utilized to support faculty and staff recruitment by providing a resource for career partner employment opportunities. OEOD posts academic positions on the website while Human Resources posts staff positions. The site can be accessed at .

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